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Indirect Tax Advisory

HomeservicesIndirect Tax Advisory
HomeservicesIndirect Tax Advisory

Well Freight - Indirect Tax Advisory Services


We are a team of highly experienced professionals from different fields of Indirect Taxes. Our objective is to provide ideal solution to any problem related to Indirect Taxation and Exim benefits.We envisage all pertinent issues and spin-offs related to a problem and provide customized solution aligned with Client' s business needs and prevailing legal provisions.



  • Obtaining new registration or modification of existing registrations pertaining to Treasury Management Services, Treasury Management Solution,
    Central Excise, etc., to ensure that the registrations are aligned with the status and activities of the organization.
  • Undertake preparation and supervision of periodical returns of Central Excise, Service Tax, State VAT, CST, WCT, etc.
  • Preparation/ drafting of replies to the letters, SCNs, appeals and manage comprehensive legal portfolio at different levels of adjudication.
  • Prompt advice on all tax matters whether procedural or legal
  • Analysis of existing system / documentation and identify the areas of improvement and implementation thereof.
  • Conducting pre-audit, i.e., audit prior to Excise or CERA audit to preempt coercive tactics of audit parties.
  • Handling all types of mail / letters with clients/vendors/Government or semi -Government departments. It shall include bulk quantity also, viz.,
    seeking C-Forms, Balance confirmation, payment reminders etc.
  • Managing Export benefits under FTP , Advance Authorization, Duty Credit Scrips, EPCG Authorization, Redemption of case, etc.
  • Efficient Customs clearing & International freight forwarding agents.
  • Liaison with all departments including Central Excise, Service Tax, Commercial Tax, DGFT, Customs, etc.
  • Refund of Excise Duty, Service Tax, Terminal Excise Duty, etc.
  • Insurance: Arranging all types of insurance policy at competitive rates. Filing and settlement of claims.
  • Suggesting cost cutting methods aligned with the legal framework - specific to the organization.
  • Arranging Finance at very low cost: i.e., Working Capital Limit / Term Loan/ Buyer Credit which include negotiations and documentation with banks.
  • Achieve over all mitigation of financial costs


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