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Chartered Accountant

HomeservicesChartered Accountant
HomeservicesChartered Accountant

Well Freight - Chartered Accountant Services


  • We take the Export Documents (like:- Exchange Control Copy, Air Way Bill/Bill of Lading, Invoice.) & Foreign Inwards Remittance Certificate (FIRC) Original from Client.
  • Prepare Annexure data in Excel Sheet for Bank & for personal record to track the Export Documents in hard copy.
  • We are dealing with the AD-Category I-Bank to take Request Letter for processing with the Bank under 21 Days as per RBI guidelines from the date of Export.
  • We will knock off the payment on FIFO basis method. Keep a track of all invoices and payments.
  • Coordinate with the client on daily basis for required FIRC, NOC & Authorised Sign Request Letter and many more.
  • After knocking off payment within 15 days E-BRC to be received from DGFT then after follow up we take the Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC) from DGFT and sent to the client.
  • In final step we collecting the endorse FIRC (Original) from Bank & give it to him scan copy for records.


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